Blowing Bubbles, Seeing God Pt. 1

For the Lord takes delight in His people;

He crowns the humble with victory.

Psalms 149:4 (NIV)

I was blowing bubbles to my 1-year-old twins and couldn’t help but feel such joy. Their faces lit up like the town Christmas tree. There was such excitement. They definitely did not want the fun to end. I could not help but wonder if this is the mutual joy that is between God and us. So I pondered on this and asked the Advocate to lead me in my journey to see God in blowing bubbles. Here is what I’ve found. 

Chasing Bubbles

I look down and see the joy on their faces as the bubbles gently land on their little fingers. A small splash tickles their skin. I dip the stick in the solution, gently blow and release more bubbles. They have their eyes on the big one, determined to get it but fail. Here comes more! Another big one! “Hurry up and catch it!”, they seem to think to themselves. Victory would be celebrated but they grabbed it with too much force and it popped.

I truly believe a lot can be said about this moment. Bubbles are like blessings that God showers us with. With great joy, longing, and expectation we look up and wait for the big ones.  The new job, the new car, the new smart phone, the unexpected check in the mail, or the newest designer handbag. We, at times, have a tendency to see God as a transactional being. If I have enough faith, if I pray hard enough, and if I tithe more this week I’ll be #Blessed.

All the while, we’re being showered with the smaller bubbles. They splash and tickle our noses, yet finding a way to go unnoticed. They’re the kind smile a stranger gives on days you don’t like people much. They’re the moment you wake up to a new day and a clean slate. You can find them in any act of love and kindness throughout your day. There was no work involved here. This is all freely given and without your permission.

Just as I delighted in showering my babies with bubbles, our own Creator delights in us! Reading Scripture and using my own experiences I have discovered it’s when I have humbly accepted the little bubbles that He is delighted most. It’s not been my experience that I know He loves me in getting new shiny objects. It is not what grows my wealth, but rather what has grown my heart.

Go out and chase those bubbles. I hope you find much joy in doing so. I hope you see the countless tiny bubbles while reaching for the larger, more enticing ones. Don’t forget to be a blessing to others, as well. Be the light, the salt, and the bubbles this world need so desperately.

Grace be to you.



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