Blowing Bubbles, Seeing God Pt. 2

I was blowing bubbles to my 1-year-old twins and couldn’t help but feel such joy. Their faces lit up like the town Christmas tree. There was such excitement. They definitely did not want the fun to end. I could not help but wonder if this is the mutual joy that is between God and us. So I pondered on this and asked the Advocate to lead me in my journey to see God in blowing bubbles. Here is what I’ve found.

Jacob’s Bubble

One Sunday morning I was blowing bubbles to my twins again. We were all dressed for church and waiting for the time to leave. I was trying to enjoy the moment but kept being distracted by Jacob’s story in Genesis. So I went off to privately to ask God to lead me where I need to be. At this point, I’ve already been inspired to write about experiencing God. I just knew God wanted me to weave Jacob in my message. I was right!

Our first reading that morning was Genesis 32! Jacob wrestles with God. How divine is this? I sat in awe. I know God moments happen. They have happened to me a lot since I began seeing God from a higher viewing level. This is a small moment, though, that was a grand reminder of Divine Presence.

Jacob was quite the scandalous fellow. He would prove time and again that he was willing to do anything to get what he thought he deserved. There came a day where he told to make things right with his brother, Esau. He had prayed to God, sent his tribe and herds away to their destination, and was left alone. Alone, until a man came to wrestle him. This man being God in the flesh. They wrestled until daybreak. The man couldn’t overpower Jacob, so he touched his hip socket and “wrenched” it. The man told Jacob to let him go because day was coming. Jacob, in all his stubbornness, said, “I will not let you go until you bless me.”

And there it was. God’s answer to my question earlier that morning. How does the story of Jacob relate to God’s great love being showered upon us? How does Jacob’s story relate to missing all the little bubbles while striving to catch the big ones?

Jacob received his blessing. Not because he forced God into it. Not because of who he was. He was blessed because of who he had turned into. He wrestled with God and man and overcame that. Emphasis on overcame. Here is a man who has wrestled his whole life. He’s wrestled with pride, arrogance, greed, and an ego that could fill up Wrigley Field. God found a way to humble him, as he always does. Once Jacob was humble, he was able to receive God’s blessing. Jacob would be given the name Israel and used as a story of unlikely heroes.

Sadly, in today’s culture, we often miss that time alone with God. That time where He needs to “wrench our hip” and accept the limp through life that provides us with humility. So some of us stay in this egoic mindset that we deserve the bigger blessings and we’re going to get them. No matter whose body we step on to get it. I too often hear, “I have the victory in Christ, so I deserve this job, car, money, jewelry, etc.” This is what some call, first half of life talk. It is in the second half of life that we become Israel. It is when we have become humbled enough to be gifted the bigger bubbles. Not in the form of possessions, but in fruits. I encourage you today to think of ways you could become Israel. Where do you wrestle? We all wrestle with something. God is present; lovingly waiting for your true self to win the match.

Grace be to you.


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