The Same God: Bain’s Story Pt 1

May 2, 2016 will always be known as the day I saw how real God is. 

My twins were 6 days old. It was a day they would get their first real bath. I was so excited for this! They had a home health visit to see if their jaundice was going away. The nurse was supposed to be here at 3pm which left me plenty of time for snuggles, baths, and hopefully a little snooze. Instead, I get the call that the nurse will be 3 hours early. She had an opening and chose to come yo us early. No nap for me yet, but maybe after she leaves. 

It was like all the times before. She took Blake’s vitals first because he was the one struggling most to get rid of the jaundice. You’d think him being wrapped up and lit up like a glow-worm he’d get rid of it. I think he just liked all that attention.  Then she went on to Bain. He had recovered from the jaundice but she wanted to check his vitals anyway. Thank God she did. 

His temperature was 95.1. I had her check two more times, because that didn’t sound right. She calmly called the doctor right away and they said get him to the E.R. right away. I called his father and told him we needed to go.  He left work, hurried on home, and we headed out the door. 2 car seats, a case for the billiblanket, an overstuffed diaper bag, and 2 beautiful bundles of joy out the door to go to what seemed like a just another small trip to the E.R..

We get there, told them why we were there, and his body temperature. I quickly realized there was nothing routine about this visit, at all. We were quickly taken to a room, which if you’ve ever been to this particular E.R. you’d know there was usually at least a 5 minute wait. They start checking his vitals and asking questions. I was too busy answering questions and trying to set Blake up on his UV blanket to realize they were attaching heart monitors and things like that. I sometimes wish I would’ve been more observant, but I don’t think that would’ve changed my reaction to what happened next.

All of a sudden the room seemed to explode with concern, tension, urgency, and people. There were so many people. They informed us they were taking hin to a bigger place, with more people, and that it could be scary. “Scarier than right now?”, I thought to myself. I didn’t know what was happening. I just thought my baby was cold from his bath. One second I was being a typical mom, thinking of a hundred different things on my to-do list, the next I was focused on the moment like a hawk zeroing in on their next meal.

We get into this room that I later found out was a trauma room. This was the room I met God as He truly is. There were even more people. So many people. There was also a familiar face. A girl I had went to school with. What a relief her smile was. That relief was quickly taken as the questions started and the people started doing their work on my baby. We were assigned two wonderful ladies whose sole purpose was to answer our questions, help us with any need, and describe each person’s job. I learned that while in the smaller room they discovered his heart rate was drastically dropping and his oxygen levels were doing the same. “Is my baby dying in front of me?” That’s what I asked God. 

 I felt a calming feeling rush over me. Something kept telling me that the nurse came early for this very reason. God sent that nurse to save my son’s life. I was told that had she came the time she was scheduled I’d be sitting there with a dead baby. So, I knew that Bain was going to make it. It sucked seeing him being worked on, but I knew that it was going to be ok. I can’t describe it. I felt God’s presence. I wasn’t even sure I believed in God before this day. I always knew there was something. I was always led to believe there was this angry guy sitting on a cloud watching. I know I didn’t believe He participated. After all, where was he in my childhood? I believe now! How could I not? 

God is real, and He’s not some angry dude on a cloud!

Bain made it. He spent 6 days in the NICU. We never found out what caused this. We just know God saved him, God was present and comforting, and the journey is far from over for Bain. Bain is only 17-months-old and has a story to tell. I’ll be telling more of it in the days to come. More questions, more people, more hospital stays, more God, more Holy Spirit, more faith, more doubt, more hills and valleys. 



Bain needs your prayers. He gets a muscle biopsy tomorrow and I believe the power of prayer will get him through. Thank you and grace and mercy to all. 



7 thoughts on “The Same God: Bain’s Story Pt 1

  1. I grew up hearing what you’re describing as “the anointing” It’s a moment when you feel God enter you, and give you an instant peace and quieting of all your fears. I’ve gotten it more than once. It is truly a blessing and confirmation that God is, in fact, watching over you. Love Mom

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