The Same God: Bain’s Story Pt. 2


Easter Sunday 2017 started off with Church, then egg hunts and food, and then rest. It was a warm Sunday so I didn’t notice too much of Bain getting warmer while I held him. Then it got to a point that was unbearable. I checked his temperature, and just like that, a normal Easter Sunday was not so normal. He had a fever of 104.4. We tried a warm bath but that sent him slightly into shock. Medicine wasn’t working. I actually thought I was piggy-backing acetaminophen and ibuprofen, but come to find out, I was just giving him acetaminophen every few hours. So we took him to the ER to get some answers. ( And to make sure I didn’t put my child through n overdose!)

Good news. I wasn’t giving him the right amount of medicine to overdose him. Bad news. “It’s just a bad virus”, had become the words I would hate to hear the most, so far. We ended up going back the next day. His legs had turned purple from the fever, the fever that would not go down. “It’s just a bad virus.” Grrr. They did admit him for overnight observation, though. They did blood work, grabbed us the ambulance, and moved us to the main campus. His liver enzymes were high but they still couldn’t determine why he was having such a high fever. They were able to bring it down and we got to go home. They were wonderful, hospitality wise. They brought in a crib for Blake, his twin, and that meant the world to us! My wonderful Pastor even showed up to pray and life our troubles to God. He got antibiotics and we were sent on our way, in hopes that this was over. After all, it was just a bad virus, right?

Blake on the left not enjoying his bed. Bain on the right enjoying his bed.

This all started on April 16, 2017. By April 25th I would have found the end of the road for strength, had it not been for God, Christ, and the Spirit. At this point, Bain had been to the doctor’s repeatedly, diagnosed with a double ear infection, the receiver of a “really bad virus”, and in so much pain I could no longer allow “bad virus” as the answer. NO! I walked right into the ER, we’re on a first name basis at this point, and said I’m not leaving without a diagnosis. I brought a dirty diaper, a sick child, and the strength of the Lord; I was on a mission.

I was right. He had c-diff! Give my child his medicine and get him healthy for his birthday. Thank you very much.

Birthday fun!

My “told you so” attitude quickly subsided. We were officially standing at the starting line for a marathon I wanted no part of. Following up on his liver enzymes we found they were not trending down yet. They were still raising. 

If there were ever a time I needed to draw on the strength of the Lord, it would be for what was to come. 


**********Thank you everyone for your prayers. Bain’s biopsy went well. Now just sit and wait for answers.


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