“Jesus Camp” and “Jihadis Next Door”

My boyfriend and I were on a documentary binge tonight. We started of with the usual ones that create thoughtful, yet charismatic dialogue. Then he chose The Jihadis Next Door. A documentary that follows Islamic State supporters in Britain. These guys were all about taking over the government and imposing Sharia Law. They were not too forth coming, though, on how they planned to do this. They would often stand and recruit using simple, less threatening terms like, “Want to know about Islam?”  Moderate Muslims were always the ones to call out their extreme and violent views on democracy, their role in government, and obviously the killing.

I knew where my boyfriend was going by having me watch this. I have not fallen for the “Muslims are all bad” rhetoric and I believe he wanted me to see his side. I explained that just the other day our president gave a speech at an extreme radical Christian hate group and that they’re trying to take over the government here. He was not hearing any of that. So, using my turn to pick what we watch, I chose Jesus Camp. A documentary on this evangelical camp for children. They indoctrinate young children, prepare them for some kind of war, teach them about God’s chosen nation (America, just in case you thought it was Israel), creationism, abortion, how Christians should be in charge of the country, and teach them how to recruit. Sound familiar?

I don’t know how long this is going to take me to unpack but I hope you’ll join me. I’ve started investigating, asking how this plays a role in today’s current political climate and churches. I hope to bring light to this and maybe help the nones and dones understand and get healing. I hope to get some healing for myself, as well. I hope you will find healing. I am looking forward to this and cannot wait to share what I find and what I unpack. If you have something you’d like to touch on or learn about in this series feel free to contact me. You can publicly post a comment or you could use privacy and email me using the email in the contact tab.

Grace be to you.


7 thoughts on ““Jesus Camp” and “Jihadis Next Door”

  1. I watched Jesus Camp a number of years ago and had the same reaction as you, except that I didn’t follow up with research and action. I have also seen the similarity between extremist groups of all ilks. I now plan to watch Jesus Camp again and check out Jihadis Next Door. I think the contrast/similarity will be quite enlightening.

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      1. My son went to a friend’s church that I thought was pretty conservative but I didn’t think they were like that. He came home taking about Satan this and Satan that. He’s not allowed back there lol. I don’t see talking about Satan more than teaching Jesus as a good thing. They know what they’re doing. Training for “the war”. Just wrong!


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