Tidying Up with God

I have a troubled past. As I’ve stated before, God wasn’t a priority for me. With a troubled past, there comes years of clean up. A clean up I had to face this weekend. I had missed a court date a long time ago and just got busy with life and didn’t really think about a bench warrant. That is until a 2am visit from the police. What a wake up call!

I wasn’t really upset. I understood the process of cleaning up my past. It was going to outright stink, but it had to be done. I prayed. A lot! God was there the whole time. He gave me rest, peace of mind, and opportunity. God wasn’t going to place me somewhere like jail and not use it for good. God isn’t just looking for those in church. Jesus wasn’t too worried about the good churched folks either, was he?

I’m very interested in ministry to the imprisoned and those re-entering society. I’m also very much an advocate for prison and jail reform. God must’ve thought I needed reminded of this. I spoke to women that didn’t need Jesus to “get saved”, rather they needed people to show the love of Christ through kindness and dignity. These weren’t wild animals, but you could tell most of the guards thought so. Heck! I even had my sacked lunch thrown at me while I was napping. I felt that he thought I was a dog.

By the grace of God and love of family I made bail. On my way out, there was a minor there begging for water. She was going through withdrawals, underage, and being denied basic human rights. I’ll never forget her pleas for help. Yes, I’ve been trying to contact anyone that will investigate this. Please keep these women and this young girl in your prayers.

God truly is omnipresent. He truly cares about us, even when humanity around us has labeled us unworthy. I cannot believe what I was told as a child about God. Once again, my experiences just won’t let me. I hope you can find God where others tell you He doesn’t go. Also, please remember, “I was imprisoned and you visited me. ” Don’t forget, you can find Jesus where ever you find the least among you.



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