He’s Down Here, Too

Blessed are those who mourn. That’s where I see God the clearest. I’ve had a really long, depressing, eventful day. That kind of day that halts the feeling of progress. The day where that wall, the wall you’ve climbed a hundred times, is placed on your path again. My word, I hate that wall. Hasn’t it ever thought I was tired of climbing it?!

Here’s what’s different. I have a relationship with God now, and a purpose from him. What a great motivator. A purpose. That wall isn’t so scary now.

All through my valleys God is here. I feel him here more than when I’m “getting my blessings”. I feel him more here than when the sun is shining on my face. I feel him most when it’s not going well.

That’s not the God I thought I knew. I thought he was angry at my imperfections. I thought he would only love me when I “got saved”. What freedom it is to know a God that doesn’t demand your fear!


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