Sin or True Self: Which Is Most Important

Part of the big debate on homosexuality in the Church is sin. Sin. Sin. Sin. Sin. That’s all most people ever speak of. Here’s my issue with that. If someone is born homosexual, wouldn’t it be offensive to the Creator for not being as he made them. Would that also tear apart the whole “living in sin” argument? If someone is created a certain way, surely they wouldn’t be separated from their Creator. That’s like me planting a tree and cutting it down because it grew to be a tree. Its just being a tree. It’s just being.

If we’re not allowing someone to be their True Selves, we are essentially cutting down a tree for being a tree. Who are we to say someone isn’t created by God a certain way? That’s a sin; all that pride and ego. How would we know?

Maybe, if we were to focus more on welcoming people to be their True Selves around us, we can live in true communion with each other and God. In turn, allowing our very own True Self to shine through. That would make for Kingdom work, wouldn’t it?


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