Dear American Evangelist,

Dear American Evangelist,

               I love you. I really do. You deserve love just like all of God’s beloved children. But just like the Pharisees needed to hear Christ’s message, you need to hear this as well. For far too long you have politicized and abused your position in the Church. You are in the Temple, living your prideful, greedy, and hateful life; all while snubbing your nose at the least of us. All while snubbing your nose at Jesus and his teachings. When people come to you to seek Christ you give them a list of demands, as if being a follower of Jesus is a social club. Yet, while Jesus was dying on the cross, he told a man he would surely enter the Kingdom because of his faith. He didn’t ask his sexual orientation, drinking habits, gender identity, wealth status, abortion record, marital status, skin color, or nationality. So, please just stop with your “get saved” agenda and just do as Jesus did. If you cannot do that, please drop the name Christian and go with your own religion.

              I do not believe I am alone in the idea that you should break from Christianity if you cannot quit politicizing and profiting from making a mockery of Christ. Make your own religion up, not a new branch, but a whole new religion. Call it whatever you’d like. Or, you could hear the people you’ve hurt and have a seat at the table with us. Repent, as you say. Break free from the bonds od power, privilege, greed, pride, nationalism, hate, racism, and idolatry. There is power in the name Jesus, and I believe if you call on him, the real him, you will find peace in the freedom his way provides. Crack open the Gospel and you will see a brown-skinned, poor, refugee changing the hearts of men like you. He came to challenge men like you in the past and he is challenging your heart today. A challenge that even I have had to face. You see, I am one of those least among you, and God is with me and all my faults. He loved me long before I loved Him. He loves you, too, in all your faults.

           I’ve heard what you teach in your churches. I have heard your followers repeat and teach it, themselves. It does not resemble God, Christ, or the Spirit, at all. Where, in Scripture, does it say to put your right to bear arms above an innocent child’s right to go to school and not be killed by a mentally ill person armed with an assault rifle? Where, in the Scripture, does it say we must love our country more than the marginalized citizens? Where, in the Scripture, does it say God only forgives once? Where does Scripture say the poor have done it to themselves and that we should ignore their cries for help? Where, does it say in Scripture, that we hold the key to the Kingdom and to the Church and have full responsibility to shut those that are different out? Where, in the Scripture, does it say America is God’s chosen land and white’s are God’s chosen race? You can’t answer that, because it does not say these things. It does say, however, to let the foreigner in, help the refugee, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, to love Jews and Gentiles, forgive not seven times, but seventy-seven times. It does say that a cup that is only clean on the outside is not a cup to drink from. It does say to act justly, love mercy, and to walk HUMBLY with your God.

So, please, stop hurting God’s people. I am not writing to demand that you denounce yourself as Christians. I just think if you are going to abandon what it means to be Christian, then you should abandon that title as well. That is, unless, you want to break free and follow the Prince of Peace with us. For the Body of Christ cannot function if all parts are not well. Let us help heal your hearts. If not for those you’ve hurt, then do it for the ones you’ve hurt most: yourself and the Body of Christ.

Yours in Christ,

A Wretched Saved






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