Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding

Proverbs 3:5 NIV

I had spent hours earlier trying to figure out why the subwoofer for my audio   would not turn on. I tried all of the outlets over and over again. It still had no power. I ended up jiggling the cord in the back and I noticed the light would come on only when the cord was in a certain position, which means it was the terminal The cord must have leaned for a long time a certain way and moved the prongs a little bit. Which gave me a revelation. “Lean not on my own understanding.”

I have come to find that when I lean too much into certitude understanding God, or anything about life, I lose power. I short myself of the Great Mystery. I can’t be exactly what I was created for. Simply put; I just don’t work and need adjusted.

We always have more to learn, more room to grow, and more God to lean into. We prevent ourselves from all of this more when we hold on to certitude and never allow ourselves to question what has been taught to us. So, I encourage you tonight to find a verse that makes you uncomfortable. That is the verse you know has a deeper meaning, but you were told it is exactly how it was written. Ask the Advocate to help you go deeper, to show you the more that you know is there. I like The Bible Hub for a Bible study tool. I also like learning what is happening during the time tie verse was written; who’s the author and audience, where was it written etc..

So, go forth my brothers and sisters, and lean not on your own understanding.


*Sidenote. I understand what this verse in Proverbs is saying originally. Just want to clear that up.

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