7 Mountains of Heresy: A Theocracy Looming

You may have heard of Dominion Theology before, just not by this name. It’s more popular names are as follows: Christian Reconstructionism, New Apostolic Reformation, Kingdom Now theology, and other smaller less known names. I have gone over what they believe and now I would like to go over their “7 Mountains of Influence”, or “7M”. I think you might be surprised to see the momentum they’ve built up since this past election, and maybe you will get more understanding, I know I sure have.

  1. Religion. Obviously, this is their first mountain. Let’s ask the big question. How are they influencing the nation? There are 20 members of Trump’s faith advisory team that are connected with this thinking. They have many alarming ideas, that up until recently I just thought was religious right evangelical talk. For some this may be true, but for most I believe want “dominion”. Here are some quotes:

“The president himself is man of prayer and a man who loves to receive prayer. He is a man who, I do believe, understands who the God of the Bible is and he wants to lift up the God of the Bible here in the United States.” ~ Michele Bachman

“And a lot of these things are happening around us, and somebody is going to get mad at me for saying what I am about to say right now, but I am going to give you my honest opinion: I think we have turned our back on the Scripture and on God Almighty and I think he has allowed judgment to fall upon us. I think that’s what’s going on.” ~ James Dobson speaking of the Sandy Hook shooting

“We weren’t sent into this earth to fit in. We weren’t sent here to be a part. We were sent here to take over.” ~ Paula White

Here it is obvious how they plan on making this country more like them; by shaming them and fear propaganda. Typical.

2) Family. This is something they have control over in their own homes and we can choose not to follow whatever type of Jesus they are following. It is smart to keep an eye out for churches that might be implementing this theology, especially in non-denominational churches. If I hear a church that preaches using terms like national revival, dominion in any other way than being a steward, heavily on evil spirits, harvesting souls ( creepy much), or prosperous I am sure to steer clear. If you want to go, that’s your choice, just not for me or my family.

3) Education. This is a big one for them. They can train and groom our children. In America, they have just the person in charge for them to take over education. Betsy DeVos is a Christian Reconstructionist. Things like creationism, building God’s Kingdom, separating their children from the public ( school vouchers?), and the whole prayer and Bible reading in school have long been their goal, and without checks and balances, they’ll get their way. If not, they can just home school their kids and teach them that climate change, evolution, and other types of views on God aren’t real. ( I know what you are thinking, I don’t think they’re view on God is real, and you are right. Not if I go off Scripture and experience.)

4) Government. Uh oh, right? Right. 8 years ago I would’ve said these people don’t have a chance. Then came Trump/Pence. Pence being a dominionist, there is something to watch out for. Trump may have been their loud anointed one from God, but Pence, Pence is their Trojan Horse. It is not just those guys. The cabinet, senate, representatives, and much more have made their way into government. The stated goal for this mountain is, ” to put righteous political leaders that will positively affect all aspects of government.” There is hard dominionism that wants a theocracy and soft that claim they just want to be an influence. They believe a progressive agenda has become too large and think there is a misuse of the term “separation of Church and State.” Let’s use Roy Moore for example. Roy is running for Senate in Alabama. He doesn’t even try to hide it! He believes we should be under Biblical Law and that the Constitution was based on Christian beliefs, nevermind the fact that many of the founding fathers were Deists. There is a long list of others but it would take me way too much time to decipher the regular religious right zealots from the dominionists.

5) Media. Christians should be willing to go into this field and report righteously and truthfully, leaving out all those pesky liberal and progressive ideals. Fake news! Sorry, had to. This is why ultra conservative news outlets are so popular with them, even if they don’t actually report truthfully. I guess as long as they get the “righteous” part down.

6) Arts and Entertainment. They need those gifted in acting and entertainment ( which includes sports) to use their talents to make a lasting impact on those “lost in darkness.” I have seen people throw out perfectly good books, but they were secular and those books were the devil’s playground. I’m sure they endorse popular dominionist Kirk Cameron’s movies. What a fun movie night! ( sarcasm)

7) Business. “Prosperity with a purpose.” This is God’s will to make everyone rich so they can expand the Kingdom. This is probably where the Prosperity Theology joins the movement. There are a lot of Prosperity preachers on board with dominionism and I could see why. Once again, never mind the whole Jesus Gospel about rich men and the poor.

There you have it. Dominion Theology has been rising slowly since its start in the 1970’s, but it is full steam ahead right now. We may not be looking at a full on theocracy, but I am not leaving it out of the question right now. There is just too many of them in power for my liking. That’s what it is really about after all, power. I often wonder if they really even believe all of this or if they just want the wealth and power that this movement has given them. I just do not know, but I do know their message is spreading. I know because I personally know of several churches in my area that teaches these things. They even teach that homosexuals are surrounded by evil spirits and that is why they have their “lifestyle”, even furthering the dualistic thinking of us and them.

I cannot believe this is what God has willed for us. I do not know most of His will and I dare not say I know God’s plan. But I will say that this is everything the Bible and Jesus warns us about. These are the false teachers we are told to stay away from. The Gospels never said we should take over the earth. Jesus never wanted a dualistic society. He said he will sort them out later. That is not our place. We aren’t the wall builders but we are bridge makers. We don’t hold the key, we shine the light. So go forth and let that little light shine.

This is part of the “Too Extreme” series. The last blog can be found  Here


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