My Loves, Trademarked

via Daily Prompt: Trademark

There are products and people that we go wild over. The brand names, designer labels, and celebrities. We stand in never-ending lines for new phones, we go broke buying our kids shoes that cost more than some of our monthly bills. We go totally berserk if we are out in public and see one of our favorite entertainers. We can seriously be crazy about these kinds of things. 

We want these people to see us, to notice we love them and that we are interested in what they are doing. We want them to know that we also love to act, sing, write, play ball, etc.. For instance, I used to be a beauty advisor and was sent by my employer at the time to a beauty expo. I was in fan girl heaven, loves. I’m not shy or reserved, so I fit in pretty well. I met so many great women and men in my field and even got to meet the woman who created my all time favorite lipstick, Lorac Alter Ego. I was noticed by some of the world’s best makeup artists, and some even really liked my work. Seriously guys, heaven. The best moment was when I got to stand in line to take a super quick picture with the president of my favorite spa and skin care line. I get up there, finally, I introduce myself, we take the picture and I walk away excitedly. Then I get called back because the picture didn’t print out. This time, I was much more relaxed and was able to be myself. Much better. Later that night I was walking to the lounge of the hotel and he and I passed each other. “Connie, right?” Oh my gaaaawd. On the inside, I was a teenage girl getting to meet my idol. On the outside, I was a business woman. I talked about the products, their effectiveness, and the uniqueness the brand brings to the skincare world. He brought me back to their group in the lounge and I met some really, really awesome people. I was noticed and heard, which is a feeling I will cherish forever. 

I was listening to an audiobook a little while back, of Mess and Moxie, when the author had a fantastic idea. I’d like to piggyback off of that. What if we treated our friends and family that way? What if we see our friends living out their own passions and we stood in line to see them in action? What if we spent our time and money on them? What if we were extreme fans of each other? They have a trademark. The people in our lives represent a brand no money can buy. That brand is love. Their products are support, kindness, shoulders to cry on, shoulders to lean on when we laugh too hard, dinners at their houses, kids that play sports and dance on stages and so much more. “But wait! There’s more!” That is what they are selling, and we should be investing.

I admit, I have trouble doing this. I have twin toddlers, teen and tween boys, and sometimes it is improbable that I can be there for everyone. I am sure going to start trying more. I hope you find the time to do the same.

Grace be to you.



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