“Don’t You Stop Now, Baby!” ~Propaganda

Have you ever just gone through dark times? Have you ever fought to see justice? Have you ever felt yourself breaking while you work to fix what’s broken? Well, hold on!

This song has been my go-to therapy, along with Lecrae’s I’ll Find You. God uses us all for His purposes. I am positive God is working through Propaganda, and I am certain God is using this very song to bring the hope this world needs right now. We are all fighting for something. For me, I fight to keep my hope for my son and his health, I fight to bring awareness to systemic injustices, I fight to help fix what is broken in this world. I get worn down at times, admittedly more than I care to. So when I do, I go to music. I go to Propaganda’s album Crooked. It has been a very long time I could listen to an entire album without skipping a song. Olympian may not be my favorite on the album, but it is the light I need for this trying time of finding out what’s wrong with my baby. It is the light we all need to keep up the fight to make sure we, as God’s Beloveds, don’t allow history to repeat itself and build a brighter future. It has hope for everyone that is struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The real you is permanent with a perfected purpose
Treasure in clay vessels, don’t let this body fool you

Your soul is bigger than what contains it. When you’re body feels like it is failing, draw on the strength of your True Being, your soul and the power of the Holy Spirit. Never forget! God is among, in and through you. When you feel like giving up, hold on! As Propaganda says, “You’re an Olympian!”

Who is God encouraging you to encourage today?

For more on my baby’s God moments, check out Bain’s Story


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