Waiting On Surreal: Bain’s Story Pt 4

via Daily Prompt: Surreal

I received an email stating Bain’s results had come back, but they needed more time to go over them. The website says this step takes around 7 days. The official waiting game has begun. Waiting for another bizarre moment in life where it looks like doom and gloom but then a miracle happens and all of this goes away. I’m waiting for a phone call that will be from a number that I will never see again. I’m waiting for a surreal moment.

Maybe I’m waiting for a moment I’m already in. After all, this whole experience, since I learned I was pregnant, has been surreal. I wasn’t supposed to be able to conceive, I wasn’t supposed to be able to carry a child much less twins, I made it almost to full term with a plethora of health issues,  Bain was saved through a miracle, and I am raising twin boys and haven’t gone bald yet. I’d say that is all pretty surreal. So maybe I’m not really waiting for a particular surreal moment. I am wading in a collection of surreal moments. That is pretty much life, isn’t it? If we stop, step back, and see life from a higher perspective, life itself is pretty bizarre. So what am I waiting for?

I guess when I get the call I’m dreading, I’ll find out.


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