A Lesson In The Trees

Letting go can be so difficult. Yet, the trees do it with so much ease. Deciduous trees know that if they hang on to their leaves, they could freeze come the season of winter. It is more damaging to hang on than to let go. In this letting go of their leaves, they enrich the soil around them, which eventually enriches the tree once again. Letting go gives new life and that new life comes without any hesitation from the tree.

This does not happen without His artistry first. God paints a beautiful scene of reds, oranges, and saffron shaded yellows. I wonder if He is teaching us the beauty of letting go. The artistry of releasing what may damage us in the next season of life. The nourishing of the soil around us to prepare for the new life in our spiritual spring. There is an art of letting go. 

I wish to be a tree in the fall. I understand I am holding on, feeding water to leaves that will freeze my soul in the winter of life. I know if I let go I will find new life and nourishment. I am clinging on to orange foliage that has hindered my growth. Maybe this autumn I will allow the trees to teach me.

via Daily Prompt: Orange



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