“As Yourself”

I can always tell when I am not taking care of myself, because I am not caring well for those around me. I get more agitated with differing views, needy babies, and a dinner that won’t cook itself. Being a stay-at-home mom, I can lose sight of self-care pretty quick. There is no “mommy’s quiet time” in this house. Sometimes, this results in lack. Lack of compassion, humility, hospitality, and worst of all, lack of outward love towards others. 

I think Jesus was not just pointing out others need loved well. After all, how can we love others if we can’t even make sure we are properly caring for our own hearts? It’s awfully hard to be a light when you’re on your third day of wearing the same bun and pajama pants. He knew that we must love ourselves, too. True love, not egoic

How can you care for yourself this week? What aren’t you giving yourself, creating a lack in the people around you?


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