I Prefer Jesus of Nazareth

via Daily Prompt: Prefer

What I believe about God and spirituality is often seen as heretical by those who practice American Christianity. I’m a no good sinner because I choose to love those the Church has either pushed out or ignored. I am an enabler because I want to feed the poor and clothe the naked. I am absolutely crazy because I strongly oppose the death penalty. I am a “libtard” because I want to help end systemic racial and wealth inequalities. I am weak because I choose to love my neighbor and enemy. I have heard those that do not support our current president oppose God. I am unpatriotic because I want America to keep her promises. I must hate “my own kind” because I don’t believe in white supremacy. I must support crimes because I believe restorative justice is true justice. I want to take away all of the guns because I don’t want them in the hands of people who wish to do harm. I’m not seen as a real Christian because I do not believe God wants me to be in the top 1%. I must support ISIS because I do not believe in a “Muslim Ban”. I must want Americans unsafe because I believe we should invest in our citizens more than our military budget. I am a tree hugger because I believe using renewable energy sources is being a good steward. I must be a heretical left-wing nut job because I prefer love. I must be a crazy conservative because I do not support abortion as a means of birth control. I must be a crazy pink hat wearing feminist ( ok I do not own a hat, but they got me on the feminist part) because I do believe women are intelligent enough to take control over their own bodies. I must hate education because I do not believe the government should be paying for everyone’s college.  I must be a I do not have a side politically or morally that I stand on.  That makes me about as un-American and unChristian as it gets for most that I encounter. 

I do not care, though. If I am wrong, I prefer to err on the side that true agape love is found. If I am wrong, I prefer to leave this world known as someone who helped those that everyone ignored. I want to be known for seeing Jesus where everyone else saw laziness, dirtiness, and unworthy of love. I prefer people to not hate themselves because of something I have said or done. I most certainly hope I NEVER make someone hate Jesus because of anything I say or do. 

I prefer a lot of wonderful things in life. I prefer cake over pie. I prefer the beach over the mountains. I prefer non fiction books. I prefer coffee over tea. I prefer grace over judgement. I prefer mercy over living life in anger. Most importantly, I prefer Jesus of Nazareth over the Jesus America created. American Jesus seems like a real jerk. 



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