It’s Not Working ( The Truth) : A Review

Video is not from Propaganda’s YouTube page.

I’ve shared Propaganda’s song Olympian previously, which can be found here. I made sure to say it was not my favorite on the album. That is because at such a time as this, this is my favorite. Hands down, my favorite song for this Resistance Movement. Stop what you are doing, hit play, close your eyes, let these lyrics go as deep as your nuclei. Let it enter every cell, every molecule, every bit of matter in your being. Then let it go deeper. Welcome it into your soul. Allow the Holy Spirit to pump it through your spiritual veins. Wait for the third verse. That is Christ speaking to you through Prop. What is Christ saying? SO GOOOOOD!

Let’s get back to reading now. I am a white female American. I understand the oppressive patriarchal system created in this world. I will never pretend I understand what it means to be black in America. I see it though. I see their fight, and I join them. I see the opportunities to learn their history, which is my history too. I utilize it. I stand for those who kneel. I will counter protest when Richard Spencer comes to my area. 

This song starts out with the very point many are missing. When is it ok to protest. They march, they get told to sit. They sit, they get told to stand. They riot, they get told to be peaceful. They get peaceful, they get militarized police. WHEN DOES THE GOAL POST STOP MOVING? Yet, just today there was a “White Lives Matter” demonstration in two separate Tennessee towns. They were, you know, “Using their free speech.” News flash: white lives have always mattered more than anyone, historically. 

There is too many Bible verses to copy and paste to show that God has always been on the side of the oppressed. I guess I could copy and paste the entire Bible. The entire Bible is a collection of stories, poems, letters, prayers, and prophecies that points to a God that would be on the side of peaceful protesters that march against systemic oppression in all its forms. 

Which brings us to verse three. If you march, stand, kneel, resist in the name of freedom, liberty, justice, equality, or love, God is on your side. But do not leave Him out! Do not get so involved in social holiness that you forget about personal piety. If you are one that shrugs off these protests, do not get so involved in personal piety that you forget your place in social holiness. The Trinity is working through this. Working through you. They do not just want you to take your place in the fight for change in the world. They are working not only around and through you, but They are working in you. You are not here to just to bring peace on earth, but to bring peace in you as well. 

Keep up the good fight to change, both in and through you. Just do not forget your faith that all things are made new.

“Bitterness is not your friend. It’s easy to become cynical, focusing your energies on them and endlessly wondering why they aren’t more evolved and why they are still stuck back there, repeating the same slogans and going through the same motions. If you are filled with pride over how free and intelligent and enlightened you are in comparison to their backward, antiquated ways, your new knowledge has simply made you arrogant. Watch your heart carefully, because if you aren’t more compassionate and more kind and more understanding, then you haven’t grown at all.” 
Rob Bell, What Is The Bible: How an Ancient Library of Poems, Letters, and Stories Can Transform the Way You Think and Feel About Everything 

  ******Bonus video if you can’t get enough of the prophetic message that Propaganda delivers


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