“Jesus Camp” & “Jihadis Next Door”

Writer’s Note**** This is a revised version of a previous piece. After reflection, the original piece did not clarify enough that both documentaries do not represent true Islam and Christianity. 

“We’re being trained to be God’s army.”

Levi, a child from “Jesus Camp”

 Dominionists are currently in our governing body here in America and I have counted 20 out of 26 members of Trump’s faith advisory board are part of this movement as well. I cannot find evidence of one Muslim in our governing body wanting to implement “Sharia Law” or, more importantly, its punishments.  

Like Christianity and personal piety, Sharia is technically a personal relationship with God and how one acts towards fellow-man and themselves. Also, just like Christians and their interpretations of the Bible, Sharia can be widely interpreted as well. Just like in radical Islamic extremist, radical extremists exists in Christianity. The problem, for me, is it would seem they have a free rein in America because their message has been spreading like wild-fire since it started around the 1970s. 

I’ve been studying this certain branch of “Christianity” since hearing more terms like “National Prayer”, “God is angry at America”,  and my favorite, “God anointed this person, that person for office.” I thought maybe this was all backlash from having “Obummer” in office for 8 years. Then I watched Jesus Camp. Oh. My. Word.

They’ve been mad at progressives, liberals, and elitists a lot longer than I realized. If you are one of the three or all of the above, you are Satan’s right hand man. This was released in 2006 and Bush 43 was in office whom they deemed anointed by God to implement Biblical Law in America. He was sent to help cure the “sick old world” and bring order back to America. They were teaching these children the same ideals. They want these children to create a dualistic life of us/them. Even in other Christian theologies! Love thy neighbor? Only if they’re willing to “get saved” and live by their interpretation of Bible Law. Thou shall not kill? Only unborn babies. Then it’s war on the others after that. Love Harry Potter? Satan’s work. 

Below is a picture of their performance. They were covered in war paint, singing what I would not consider a normal or effective children’s ministry song.


Global warming, evolution, a world older that 6,000 years old, public education, all from the devil. I am all for teaching children morality, bible studies, Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, and the importance of loving one another, but this border lines child abuse. This border lines radical extremist recruitment. I knew it was bordering on Dominionism, but I was absolutely sure of it when Lou Engle came in to talk about abortion. This man is heresy at its finest, and is a key player in the movement. He brought in what was supposed to represent fetuses at different stages. The problem was that they all looked like full-grown babies. You wanna teach children about the importance of life? That is awesome! You want to lie and give children fear and teach them to hate? Not OK! 

Moving on to Jihadis Next Door.

“We are calling for world domination”

From Jihadis Next Door

In this film there were some disturbing similarities. I would like to start off by saying this extremism does not represent  most of Islam, just as “Jesus Camp” does not represent most of Christianity. Filmed in Britain, we watched Islamic extremists gather in public square trying to recruit people using seemingly innocent terms like, “Learn about Islam.” They, however, were not teaching the willing listeners to more moderate side of Islam. It, too, was all about us v. them, taking over the government, and those who will not get into Paradise. When the main subject was asked if he believed his moderate father would be in paradise he just simply said no. For most, Sharia Law was a personal relationship with God and the punishments for breaking with it are not as harsh. For these guys it was all or nothing, No grey in the matter whatsoever. They never actually admitted to recruiting for ISIS, but you could assume that was what they were up to. 

The difference in the two groups are just as astounding as their likenesses. In America, I’m pretty sure their version of Sharia Law would never be introduced into law or they could never change our constitution. With these Jihadis, they seem much more brutal in tactic and punishment. For rational people, while their threat is very real, their domination is highly unlikely. 

Jesus Camp teachings and dominionism is different because this is what is happening. Just the other day our president stood and spoke at a certified hate group. They want their government to follow Biblical Law, fight the “war on Christmas” ( whatever the heck that is), destroy the liberal media “agenda”, and tell you all about the health hazards homosexuals present to this country. 

You see, the startling difference is that Americanized Christianity is willing to allow their religion to have control over the government. They say the nation’s founders intended it to be this way. Never mind the fact that while they were mostly Christian, they had vastly different opinions on what that means. Therefore, freedom of religion was placed in the very first amendment. To me, a woman holding the Quran and an assault rifle in front of the flag of their Arabic country is no more alarming than a young woman holding the Bible and an assault rifle in front of the American Flag. Both are atrocious misrepresentations of our loving God. Yet, one seems to be adored in this country. I’ll let you guess which one. 

More on dominionism will be on the next post. The who’s who and how they’re affecting our current religious and political climate today. I’d also like to touch on how we can be brighter lights and take back the bullhorn. This isn’t what following Christ looks like to me and many others in the world. This isn’t what an infinite God looks like, what True Self looks like.


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