God, as Mystery Itself


“Remember, mystery isn’t something that you cannot understand—it is something that you can endlessly understand! There is no point at which you can say, “I’ve got it.” Always and forever, mystery gets you!”  ~Richard Rohr, The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation


I gained a lot of God in everyday life when I let go of thinking I could know everything about Him. Realizing that God is Mystery really does allow us to see all things are possible through Christ. Knowing that God is Mystery brings me closer to the Holy Spirit. I see Her working in me and through me much more often than before, when I thought I knew it all. When one thinks they know it all, they actually limit their all. Their all becomes finite information and being right sets up walls, blocking the True Mystery, containing what cannot be contained. So what is in the container is not truly God and the possibilities, but projections of their false selves. Once I found myself in this predicament, I had to open the box I put God in. Doing so, I have seen Mystery in just about every single moment, person, place, or thing, coming to appreciate most everything and everyone. I am still a working process, as we are never finished learning, and I admit I struggle seeing God in certain areas of life. I look forward to seeing everything as Holy. 

There is an arrogance in some Christians, I’ve noticed. What I’ve noticed from these people is that I do not think I’ve ever heard them say, ” I do not know, I’m not God.” Instead, I hear them saying, ” God hates…., God disapproves of…., God wants me to change this person…..I’m a Christian, I cannot be love this type of person.” This is what happens when we think we know everything there is to know about Mystery. We become dualistic in thinking, we’re right and everyone else is wrong. Those that are wrong have no seat at the table. “God would not approve.” Sometimes, I wonder if this is a result of reading the Bible literally, never going deeper that the ink printed on its pages.

The other end of the Christianity spectrum is realizing God is Mystery, but a mystery never to even try to see. “I don’t know if my behavior is sinful or if it doesn’t glorify Him. I’m not God. I guess I’ll find out in eternity.” In this incident, God is not just in a container, the lid is on and He’s been removed completely from the heart. I must admit, this has been me at one point. I missed out on so much joy, love, and growth. 

Jesus invites us to understand that we do not understand. He was always confusing those who thought they knew it all. The Pharisees couldn’t see why Jesus ate with the outsiders because they thought they knew everything there was to know about God, and God surely wouldn’t sit with those outside of the Temple. If we see God as Mystery then we’ll start seeing His children openly, as well.Jesus didn’t see outsiders as others to shrug off. He saw into their hearts. We ourselves do not hold that power, but maybe because it is not ours to have. Or power is Love and Mystery in, around, and through us. Seeing others as Mystery around us quite possibly strengthens the Love that is in and through us. Everything has its place, once we understand this, Mystery is in full availability for us.

Reflection: What about God are you so sure of that you cannot go any deeper in understanding? Is this something you are willing to ponder more on?

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2 thoughts on “God, as Mystery Itself

  1. I agree that we, in our limited understanding, cannnot fathom the thoughts and actions of God, but He did leave His Word to give us insight into His character, and His holiness, which gives us direction in this journey as a Christ follower.
    I do need to ask, though, why do you refer to the Holy Spirit as “Her”?

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