By Proxy

via Daily Prompt: Proxy

Proxy is the authority to act for another. Essentially, Christians are supposed to be living by proxy for Jesus. That means acting and serving like Jesus. Somehow, the Christians on the main stage has changed what Jesus looks like, so they think they are representing Jesus. A gun-toting, gay hating, womanizing, nationalistic, power-hungry, greedy sexual predator that is not nearly as interested in your faith as he is in your pocketbook. The Jesus they are acting for thrives off fear, a hopeless man waging war on everything in his path. This Jesus celebrates a white supremacist mowing down a group of people marching against oppression and golden calves, killing one of his “enemies”. This Jesus is an alt-right politician cracking the bedrock of democracy. This Jesus chained black men to each other on the bottom of a ship named Freedom. This Jesus looked at 5,000 hungry followers and checked their papers, job situation, and skin color before feeding them. This Jesus went into the poor communities and flipped their tables, demanding a piece of their pie. This Jesus profits from harsh sentences, police quotas, and high bails. He keeps his people breathing coal ash. This Jesus permanently banned a man from his campus out of fear of prayer. This Jesus isn’t Jesus at all, is it?

Down away from the main stage, as usual, that’s where you’ll find those that are Christ representatives. They are proxies for the Son of Man, the King who came down from His throne to serve. They are holding doors for people who look different from them, giving a welcoming smile. They are taking their extra clothes and shoes to the groups of homeless. They are marching in the streets singing songs of love, peace, and freedom. They are opening their doors to refugees, to immigrants, and to the outcasts. They are breaking down walls and building bridges. They are activists, abolitionists, servants to the poor, freedom givers, forgivers, lovers, peaceful assemblies. They are many, not at all shaken by the conflation of God, America, and politics. They are building diverse churches and communities. They are filled with hope and joy. You can see Jesus by their fruits. 

Even further from the main stage are the onlookers, watching ever so carefully to see Jesus. They have heard about him, they mostly think he’s pretty awesome. Many have said they love Christ, just not Christians. Somewhere we have failed the onlookers. We aren’t great at being proxies. I wonder if all the name calling, divisive terms, and us vs. them could be cause for their concern. 

In conclusion, if you are on the main stage, your stage lights are blinding out your cosmic lights. If you are down from the stage, keep up the great work but don’t let hate dull your shine. If you are an onlooker, please be patient. 


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