Dear Addicted, Can We Talk Now?


I know you are busy and all. It’s Sunday and there’s football to be watched. I was wondering if we could talk. I know, you’re messed up again. I’m told not to talk to you when you’re like this. I just can’t stand to see you so high like this! People are dying from this sickness, this lack of control. Just today, someone used again and killed more than 20 people. They state where this happened everyone is using responsibly. Everyone there does it. They take pride in using. It’s one of the things they’re known for.

When is there a good time to talk? We talked the other day shortly after the other incident in New York. I was hoping we could talk today about getting you help for the other problem, the one that has so devastatingly affected our loved ones today. We couldn’t talk after your worst tragedy, so I was hoping with this smaller incident we could talk now. I mean, you’ve already admitted you have a problem.  Maybe we can take the next step to get you help and heal this deep wound. They say believing in a Higher Power helps. Maybe, trusting a little in that will help ease the pain and get you on the right track for living a fearless life. It seems when you are afraid, everyone else gets hurt in your process.

I want you to know that I love you and we will get through this together. There is hope in letting go of fear. So, I’m here when you are ready. This drug, this high, is beneath us. Let’s put it behind us. Let’s talk about gun control the way we talk about terrorism. Let’s get a handle on this. Let’s get a handle on this disease, this addiction, before we’re all dead or burying more children.


People Tired of Seeing Preventable Death


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