via Daily Prompt: Egg

I have 18 month old twins, who never seem to sleep. This is something I’ve learned to push through and find ways to re-center myself. For the most part, I can go about my day and find little ways to reconnect with my inner being. But this morning, I am a scrambled egg. They didn’t sleep well, neither did I , and apparently, neither did my downstairs neighbors.

They got up at 5 a.m. and started their day beating and banging around, waking me and the twins up after hours of trying to sleep.Now my mind is stretching and pulling in all different directions. Each way leads to procrastination and rest. If I were an egg, I’d be a scrambled egg. Cracked open, beaten, and devoured by a thick fog of haziness. I’ve already meditated once today. It looks like I’ll need to do so again until I find myself as my true self, a whole egg, just being an egg.


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