Panacea For My Angst

via Daily Prompt: Panacea

I need an elixir, a panacea for this angst. My own little world seems to be crashing all around me. Prayer, meditation, and faith in God helps most of the time. There are moments that seem to allow my anxiety and anger roam free. As effortless as the wind blows, so does anxiety controls my thoughts and words. Words spoken without thought, actions taken without mindfulness. Now I sit today, hung over from the high of anger. Coming down from the rush of fighting for control is a somber moment, exhausting and displacing for the soul. I guess the reason God hasn’t given the world a panacea for negative feelings is because faith without works is dead. How can we ever grow if we can just drink some potion and become perfect? So, I shall go on, living in this very moment, content with the gift of life all around me. Yesterday is the past and tomorrow has yet to come. Now is the time and now is my elixir. 


“Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.” – Ida Scott Taylor McKinney


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