Abba Father and Dancing Queen

via Daily Prompt: Dancing

“God is in us because we are in Christ. As members of the mystical body, Christians actually partake in the Divine nature of the Trinity. We do not merely watch the Dance, we dance the Dance.”

Carl McColman

There is a constant giving and receiving flow of Love in the Divine Dance, otherwise known as perichoresis. It is a circle dance, an open circle that we are all invited to. The image of God on His Divine Dance floor, waving invitingly for us to join is one that transcends any previous notion I had of what God is. It is pleasant to know I serve and am created by a God that not only delights in my Love for Him, but delights in loving me, too. 

In this Dance we find Christ and the Holy Spirit and a Flowing Love in between. In the center there is Abba Father. I like to think of it as a Father Daughter Dance where my True Self dances like no one is watching. Yet, I am being watched. When I allow it to be so, the Triune God watches with great Joy. All Three smiling and laughing, in folding and out flowing a true love that sheds my egoic, anxious, and judgemental shadow. 

This invitation has been sent out to all. This isn’t like your old high school basement parties or dances, the cool kids only club. The only lonely people on the outside of this dance floor are there because they have chosen not to join in the dance, to sit this one out. You’d be surprised to see the ones on the sidelines are believers. They know of the Holy Trinity, they just don’t understand the Dance. God has not been presented to them as this Invitational To All type of Being. So, like a scene from a cheesy film with a high school prom, the Cool Kid invites the invisible book-worm to dance, and the invitation brings confusion. If you are hesitant to join the Dance I hope you push through the skepticism. Get off that chair and just be. Just dance.  



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