Trinity in the Black

I try my best not to make it a whole day without meditating. There is a peace I do not get often in a house full of boys. There’s so much testosterone pumping through the veins of the house. It courses through halls, jolts in rooms, and gives loud life to everyone within it reach. Peace and quiet would not describe this household in all of its glory. I must make time for meditation.

When I finally get everyone settled down and taken care of I find a nice place to sit, turn on my meditation exercise, and find peace. I close my eye lids, breathe mindfully, and find the Flow. I make sure to keep my mind’s eye open just beneath my eyelids. In the black nothingness is where I find the Flow. I see God waving me in, as if  He’s saying, “Come in. Join the Dance. There’s love, joy, and peace where We are.” In the dark and black nothingness I see a low light flowing with my breath. It sweeps my inner being into itself and I sit back and ride the waves of floating in absolute black. I find it hard to describe this light. It’s not visible, really. Yet, I know it is present and includes me in its calming undulation. I like to believe this is an everyday Trinity moment. I can’t see Them, but I know They’re present, and They want to include me in the Flow. This has to be what Richard Rohr says is the Divine Dance. What a moment to receive and give each day. Receiving grace and joy, returning it gratefully.






via Daily Prompt: Black


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