Bain’s Story: Gratefully Paused

Yesterday was an amazing day for our family. We went to his top-notch liver specialist and got to go home without planning for the next appointment! His muscle tissue looks great, his liver enzymes were low, and he won’t be seen again unless he gets sick again. Throughout this time of sickness I had repeatedly said that I already used up my miracle inventory and I was preparing for whatever was going to come our way. This is the kind of thinking that happens when we humanize God or place him in a container. We can’t see the full potential and short change ourselves of the hope we can have.”I believe. Help my unbelief.” ( Mark 9:24 )

Bain still has high muscle enzymes but nothing major seems to be causing this. So we get to move on until the time comes that we need to refocus on his health. He still has to see a developmental specialist for his slow developement. But that’s OK. It really is OK! We know God is involved and present. We have a hope and a joy that cannot be hindered. It is with pure joy and happiness to say, this category of my blog and life can be put on pause. Alleluia!


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