Celtic Contemplative Christmas

I was on Facebook last week and found a lovely link to Contemplative Cottage. What drew me in was the Celtic Advent and Liturgy Time Piece, found in the link provided. I am just getting into Advent. This will be my second year. I really enjoy sticking to what the true meaning of this season is. The hope, joy, and divinity that we celebrate and spread. As an 80’s kid, I grew up with booming capitalism and the “gimme more” attitude. Even as a poor kid, I had well off grand-parents and Christmas was definitely about the shopping and the gifts. Honestly, I think my grandfather just liked seeing me happy. I really enjoy the thought of that. But this year, I’m looking for something less that will bring me so much more.

Celtic Advent is 40 days and reflects 40 days of Lent. I will be practicing this on this page and more interactively on the Altered Call Gathering Group. I do not want it to be a shallow resemblance of practicing by way of eating a chocolate per day, so I believe this calendar will really help get us ready for the birth of Jesus. Head over to the group or share your experience in the comments. Either way, I hope you walk this journey with me.




***Sidenote… with Twinadoes in my house, I will not be doing the Nativity Exercise, but feel free to do so.


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