Celtic Advent Day 3: Giving Thanks In Work

Day 3 says to, “Give thinks for one thing you enjoy in your work.” I’m a stay at home mommy currently looking for work. I do remember the daily grind, though. Some days it can be hard to find something to be thankful for in your work, unless it’s payday.

As i said, I stay at home looking after my kids. Make no mistake, this is still work. Twins are like working two full-time jobs and I do not get to clock out. Their father clocks out at his job, comes home, and relaxes from a hard day’s work. Meanwhile, dinner needs made, baths need taken, homework needs finished, and so much more. Bedtime comes and nobody seems to want to go to sleep, especially the twins. Where do they get their energy? I can tell you it’s not from being well rested. By the time I get to sit and relax ( at the 17th hour of my day) I’m mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. I have to meditate just to ease the tension in my body from the stress throughout the day. There is plenty to complain about throughout my day, and I have no problem doing so.

There is, however, so much more to be thankful in. Like right now; the babies are sitting together quietly watching their morning shows, just enjoying each other’s company. I’m thankful I get to enjoy that moment because nobody else is here to appreciate it. I’m thankful for the gentle kisses Bain gives my hand while I sit on the couch. I’m even thankful for his not-so-gentle bites. Blake can drive me bonkers with his mega temper tantrums and demanding dominant-twin behaviour. When he’s not being your typical three-year old Hulk (he’s 18 months and clearly not green, but you’d think he was), he’s the sweetest, kindest, and most helpful little angel. I’m thankful I get to see them grow into their own personalities. I miss being able to go to work everyday but I get to witness the miracle of life at home. My older kids are all your typical pre-teen and teenage boys, hormones and heart breaks. Everything I do is offensive, embarrassing, or life-ending. Trust me, twin toddlers are much easier. Yet, everyday I can count on a random hug, “I love you, mom”, and a humorous moment where plenty of laughter is cackled all throughout our home. I’m thankful that no matter how strict I can be ( apparently I’m the worst and don’t want them to ever have a life) or how mean I can be by giving out chores, I’m still their mom and they know it (I think).

What about your work are you thankful in? Head over to Alter Call’s Closed Facebook Group!

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