Celtic Advent Day 5: On The Fringes

Day 5: Say Hi to a person standing on the fringes

In a time that our world is so polarized most people have escaped back into their bubble of choice and comfort. Conservatives stay away from liberals, liberals stay away from conservatives. Republicans and democrats retreat to their party bubble, Christians, Jews, and Muslims are at war over the same God but different beliefs about Him. Meanwhile, there are those on the fringes. They belong to a certain tribe but are willing to stand on the edges of that society and really see the other societies around them. Jesus is the perfect example of this. Here was this Jewish man, a rabbi even, able to be in the Jewish community and still be with the ones his society deemed to be unfit and outsiders. Here is this man, telling a parable about a good Samaritan, to people who have grown up believing Samaritans are the others, the ones in the other tribe that are not quality people. In today’s society this would’ve been the religious leaders and the LGBTQ community or the conservative republicans and the liberal democrats. It would come into a great shock to these people if Jesus said the others would find themselves in Heaven for their compassion and the people of their tribe might find themselves out of Heaven. Jesus was always on the edge of His tribe, seeing the others, eating with the others, and even took an other with him to Heaven as he hanged there on a cross next to Jesus. He was there on the edges, between two bubbles. His disciples not understanding why Jesus would converse with the Pharisees, and the Pharisees disgusted that Jesus would eat with the sinners. 

Another example of someone on the fringes would be someone marginalized. The outsider. Maybe even the Samaritan. They are outside of what we know. It would be highly unusual for you to go out of your way to give greetings to this person because they are the other. Do yourself a favor and go out of your way to say to this type of person. Make note of what happened and how that made you feel. If it was something that lifted a weight on your heart, do it again. Then do it some more. That weight being lifted is your heavy egoic false self, because we were never meant to have an other. We were only meant to have unity, grace, and mercy.


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