Blessed Are The Underdogs

If you were to ask me what the Bible is I would tell you this: The Bible is the best underdog story of all time. You cannot find a better book that tells the story of the underdog. Book after book you see God on the side of the bullied, the picked on, the lost, the underlings of society, and those that are on the outside of power. 

You can see this most clearly in the life of Jesus. He could have been in the Temple with the Pharisees or alongside Ceaser. Yet instead, he went to the average, the sinners, the shunned, the outcasts, and he said he’s come to bring Good News to the poor. He first told this Good News to a Samaritan woman who has a lengthy list of ex-husbands. The underdog at the well. The Beatitudes are filled with blessed underdogs. 

Constantly, God sees His people under the boots of the schoolyard bully. He shows through grace and force that the powers on earth are no match for His Power. Their hate and bigotry is no match for His Grace and Equality. Their prisons and slave systems are no match for His Freedom. They may try to break down people down, but He brings Hope and Joy. 

If you ever find yourself rooting for the underdog or find you yourself under the boots of a bully, remember that God is on your side! Blessed are the underdogs.




via Daily Prompt: Underdog



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