Celtic Advent Day 13: Stories!

Celtic Advent Day 13! 

Read or tell a story to a loved one.

I love to read but my favorite story-teller has yet to write a book. My 11-year-old son is the best story teller ever. Here’s a story about him. 

I went into a parent teacher conference for my son, Christian, when he was in the second grade. As I sat down his teacher asked in a very concerned manner how my husband was doing. Perplexed, I said he was fine. We continued on talking about how amazing Christian was at school, you know, typical parent-teacher stuff. ( We all know I’m entering fiction with that sentence.) The meeting wrapped up and the teacher went on to explain why she asked about my husband. Christian had her convinced that his father was an alligator wrestler, in Ohio mind you, and an alligator had ripped his arm off! This woman was so concerned and had even continually checked with his older brother in the hallway how their dad was doing. I had a giggle and then informed her that in no way was this story true. I had to let her know that this was not the first time he told a story so convincingly that we had to check to see if it was true. I’ve even had to call 911 because he had me convinced something was terribly wrong! 

I hope this kid keeps in mind the difference between story telling and lying. I also hope he turns this ability into something great for the world. An author or screenwriter. 

What are your favorite stories? Who are you going to share a story with today?


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