A Time For Justice & Grace

It’s a big day here in America.  The Trump-Russia investigation is moving at full force.  With Michael Flynn pleading and implicating all sorts of misdeeds and illegalities, it would appear that dominoes are getting ready to fall.

This feels like a moment to celebrate if you’ve been waiting for this day to come. With celebration there should be caution. There is still about 35% of the country either in denial or may actually be coming to the reality of it all.  This is a time to lean onto each other using grace. Joining together in a time of justice and standing up to those in solidarity that would rather see us divided would really celebrate justice.

My hope is that this ends with real peace, real grace, and real mercy.  God is a just being.  I fully believe He’s participating in all of this, just as He works for justice all over the world.  I also believe He wants unity amongst His children. It seems to me that to God, there aren’t two sides of many coins.  There’s one coin, its two sides are good and evil.  No more of this left/right, Democrat/Republican, liberal/conservative dualistic standard of viewing each other.  Let’s join hands and let Ceaser know,  Rome will fall and the Kingdom will remain.

Even if you’re not a Christian or you’re simply a seeker, there’s no denying true peace and true justice can only be present when love is at the center.  Love binds us together. True and perfect love heals.

So today,  I celebrate justice and truth.  It stops there. I cannot celebrate pain. I cannot celebrate division.  I cannot celebrate justice if I then turn my back on everyone else that’s going to be hurt when all is said and done.  I hope all of you reading this will join me in unification and love. I hope I get called out if I start to slip.

Let’s move forward together.


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