Saintly Gift Giving

“The giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic
His giving, by grace, through faith, and this is not of ourselves.”
― St. Nicholas of Myra

Happy St. Nicholas Day


Mimicking God? Give freely? By grace, through faith? YES! Give freely, by grace, through faith. Through faith that the Divine Giver will care for you. Not just at Christmas time, either. Throughout all of our days we are to be givers. Grace, mercy, patience, love, dignity, honesty, food, good health, inclusive community, kindness, and everything that is good and perfect should be given freely to those around us and that we interact with. We are not called to verify a person’s worth before mimicking God. We are just to see suffering and lean into it with grace. We are to see someone’s struggles and lean in with mercy. In any way we act, we should act with grace. Yes, as hard as that may be. ( This is proving to be harder than I care to admit.)

I’m not seeing much of this lately. It’s all “Make sure you say Merry Christmas” but I’m not seeing a lot of Christ-likeness. People say to “Put the Christ back into Christmas,” but lately it seems that’s the end of it. How can we go about demanding people to acknowledge our holiday, if we don’t even acknowledge Christ’s calling within us? Feed the poor? Rubbish. Clothe the naked? Get a job, losers. Visit prisoners? Let them burn for what they’ve done. They can’t afford healthcare? Let them die out. Give hospitality to the stranger? Build a wall! Care for the refugee? Terrorists!

What have we become? 

I see the everyday saints, though. They walk humbly towards peace. They sing songs of love at white nationalist rallies. They gather clothing and food for the poor and homeless. They visit the prisoners and work with them throughout the reentry process. They love in a crowd full of hate. They smile at the children they pass by. They touch those deemed untouchable. They open their doors to the ones some churches have shut out. They work towards a better day. Blessed are these saints. They don’t just make America great, they make the world a better place. They have been given God’s grace and have passed it on to others, freely, through faith. God bless the saintly on this St. Nicholas Day.


via Daily Prompt: Saintly



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