Celtic Advent Day 23: Say Hi!

Celtic Advent Day 23:

Say Hi to people behind the counter. Wish them a good day.

This is a busy shopping season, for both shoppers and workers. Everyone wants to hurry along. The shopper wants the people at the counters to hurry and get their stuff and ring them up. The people at the counter want to get the people going, as well. The employee behind the counter must go a bit slower than the shopper, though. They must provide a friendly environment, regardless of how unfriendly the shopper may be. I like today’s action because it allows us to slow down, look another human being in the eye, and acknowledging their presence. I have worked retail during high volume shopping seasons. People can totally forget the person helping them in the stores is a human and deserves to be treated with dignity. 

This action of saying hi to someone and then wishing them a good day could change the person’s entire perspective for the day. You could really make a bad work day turn into at least an okay work day. This slows us down as shoppers and lifts the spirits of the worker. I hope you go out today and say hi and wish someone well all day long!


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