The Ornament

We bought a new Christmas tree this year. With young twins in the house, I wasn’t even sure if I should even bother. I got adventurous and put one up anyway. Yes, please pray. I had this beautiful tree planned out. Blue and silver ornaments, silver ribbon wrapped around the tree, and a big beautiful star to light the way. Maybe even a dove here and there to complete its beauty. Oh, how beautiful this tree will be.

We were out shopping this weekend and found this beautiful “blue” star filled with silver orbs. I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to get home and add it to my beautiful tree. We got home, I took it out of the bag, and realized the star was black. It wasn’t blue, at all! It’s not going to match the rest of the tree. It might even look out-of-place. It’s not going to fit in. It’s not how this designer created the scenery of the tree. 

I’ll place it there anyway. I got it to go on my tree, and on my tree it will stay. It adds color, size, and uniqueness to the tree. Sure, some people might think if the tree was created to only have blue and silver, then the ornament doesn’t belong. Yet I bought it for the tree and it belongs. 


This is how I feel about radical inclusion. Maybe I didn’t plan on having a mismatched tree. Maybe it doesn’t look like it belongs. But I’m going to embrace it! It’s going to sit right there on my tree that looks nothing like it was supposed to. It’s different, but not less than the other ornaments. It shares many qualities with the other ornaments. It has orbs, some of it is silver, and it sparkles. That doesn’t matter though. It still deserves to be placed on the tree. That’s what it was created for. Like it or not, the fact that it’s different doesn’t mean it wasn’t created to go on someone’s Christmas tree.

Like it or not, LGBTQ people were created to be included into society, equally. Like it or not, people of color were created to be part of society, equally. Like it or not, women were created to be part of society equally.  Like it or not,  my idea of the way this tree was supposed to look is just not the way it’s going to be. In the end, this tree is more beautiful to me because I learned to let go of control and give this misfit star grace and a place. Heck! I even threw some candy canes on there to really embrace letting go of how I think my tree should look. Amen.



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