Bain’s Story: Advent All Year, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

This Advent, I cannot help but think of Bain when I read daily devotionals about waiting. From Easter until now, that’s almost all we’ve done is wait. Wait for results, appointments, lab works, surgery, and a final answer. We are now waiting for his next appointment, which we hope will finally provide answers. He’s being tested for autism and other causes for his development reversal. After that, more waiting. In January we’ll get the results. This Advent, we wait for the baby in the manger. This past year, we have spent our time waiting for results.

Emmanuel, God with us, is not something we’ve had to wait for. God has been with us each and every step of the way. God has always been present, Christ has shown us hope, and the Holy Spirit has advocated for us. We’ve received many miracles and lots of grace. I have never had such a deep understanding about Advent or the birth of Jesus until I had to spend so much of my year grasping for hope. I honestly do not ever think I appreciated Christmas itself before this year. It’s always represented family, giving, and the time of year that even the Grinches do good deeds. This year, it really is about Jesus.

It is about the hope for families like mine. It is about the joy we find even in treacherous waiting, it is about the grace and mercy we receive when we fall from hope’s embrace. Jesus, the baby born to a lowly couple, denied room at the Inn. Jesus, the refugee. Jesus, the hope for mankind. Christmas has become so beautiful to me this year in its depth and texture.

My hope for everyone is to find the blessings in the waiting. Come thou long expected Jesus. 



You can find more of Bain’s story here.



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