Celtic Day 24: Notice

Celtic Advent Day 24:

Notice the really small things in life, like bugs or dust bunnies.

What?! Bugs and dust bunnies? What does that have to do with a Celtic Advent?

In Celtic spirituality, the is an awareness and appreciation for all of creation. There is this awareness that even the smallest of things teach us and that we are called to be in oneness with it all. What can the small ant teach you? How is this bug living out its day to survive? For starters, it depends on its community. It knows its purpose and seems to live his day out without being dissatisfied. 

Advent is the time we wait and keep watch. What can we learn about waiting and watching with today’s action? 

I went outside today and noticed a few snowflakes. When I opened my eyes to see their lesson for me, I started thinking about all of the ways nature seems to accept the dying of itself so when spring comes it can give new life. If I were to just see these snowflakes as just signs of winter I could not have thought about what about my false self that I need to die to. So, when I go outside and look to notice these small signs, I’m waiting and watching for what it is I need to learn today. What is God telling me in my silence, in my wonderment, in my waiting? 

There is a place for everything and a lesson from everything. You just have to be open to receive.


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