The Jesus Pill


I depend upon Jesus and his teaching a lot. I need to know how to forgive in unforgivable situations. I need to love the unlovable. I need to hug the untouchable. Human interaction needs Jesus education in my life. 

I need to see people are Lazarus. I need the woman by the well. Those stories undergird how I live day-to-day with other humans. If we’re all the prodigal sons and proud brothers, how can we not look at humanity through the eyes of Jesus?

Yet,take the person with several demons inside for example. That’s not a parable of grace,redemption,or forgiveness! If you read the Bible literally, that’s the story of the power of Jesus.  So many attribute these stories to mental illness. Therefore, mental illness is not a brain issue,but a heart issue. And since Jesus cures the heart,Jesus cures mental illness. 

But really. Is there a magic Jesus Pill for mental illness? Can we really count on Jesus to take away Bipolar our PTSD issues just because we  prayed and believed? In my experience, NO. 

Here’s what I believe. God created all. The great Mystery created doctors. They used science and discovered that medicine and therapy helps out those born a little abstract from others. So, why do we need a Jesus Pill?! 

Jesus gives us hope,redemption,and guidance to live our lives. Add that to our daily prescription, and we’ve got a close to prefect life. That’s the Jesus Pill. Not a full on remedy. But, hope that with proper medication, we can live the life we were created to live.


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