The Video of Days of Old

I love being a twin mom. Watching the twin bond grow daily is/ was my favorite. What brought me so much joy has now been a source of grief, a loss.

Google Photos put together a video of their first year and as much as I loved watching it, I couldn’t help but feel this pain. It’s no longer the same. But there’s glimmers of hope every now and then. Blake might watch a video that Bain’s interested in. Or my favorite! Bain quietly comes up behind Blake and kisses him on the head add runs off. A quick, “I didn’t forget about you, brother. ”

I guess I could compare this to my own relationship with God right now. I can’t give Him much attention, but every now and then, I’ll show my love.

At the end of the day, they’re still brothers and I’m still seeking Him. We’ve just got to work out our quirks.


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